Á la carte



Shrimp mayonnaise salad topped with roe, served on a toast
159 SEK
Drink recommendation – Pouilly-fumé Domaine des fines Caillottes 145 SEK/glass

Dried Beef 
Herb salad, pine nuts, ceasar creme and a whisky flavored honey
135 SEK
Drink recommendation – Tommasi Valpolicella 115 SEK/glass

Garlic Bread
69 SEK
Drink recommendation – Skansen Pale Ale
 67 SEK/40 cl
79 SEK/50 cl

Main dishes

Fillet of Cod
Potato and yellow beet salad, fried caper, browned butter and horseradish creme
269 SEK
Drink recommendation – Tommasi Adorato Appassionato 135 SEK/glass

Aged cheese and potatocake, lemon steeped cabbage and a lobstersauce with whisky
269 SEK
Drink recommendation – Tommasi Le Rosse 135 SEK/glass

Back of veal
Fried Grana Padano cake, whisky pickled red onion and a white peppersuce
269 SEK
Drink recommendation Tommasi Palanca Ripasso 165 SEK/glass

Back of Lamb
Risotto, portabello mushroom, vegetables, sage gremolata and a red wine sauce
279 SEK
Drink recommendation – Tommasi Le Prunée 145 SEK/glass

Fillet of Beef
Fried potato and bearnasiesauce
299 SEK
Drink recommendation – Tommasi Ripasso 155 SEK/ glass

Williams planked steak
Mashed potatoes, Café de Paris- and garlic butter or bearnaise sauce.
Choose between: Fillet of pork 179 SEK or Fillet of beef 295 SEK
Drink recommendation with pork -Tommasi Graticcio Appassionato 135 SEK/glass
Drink recommendation with fillet of beef – Tommasi Ripasso 155 SEK/glass

Hash Brown (vegetarian)
Gratinated with goat cheese, yellow beet, whisky braised red cabbage and a chantarelle sauce
155 SEK
Drink recommendation – Tommasi Valpolicella 115 SEK/glass

Moghrabiah (vegan)
Ratatouille and pickled pumpkin
155 SEK
Drink recommendation – Tommasi Le Rosse 135 SEK/glass


Chocolate and apricot tarte
Maple syrup with a taste of malt whisky and a cherry compote
98 SEK
Drink recommendation TLIWS Bruichladdisch 2003 64,5% 54 SEK/cl

Créme Caramel
Berries and whipped cream
98 SEK
Drink recommendation – Tokaji Aszu 5 puttonyos 22 SEK/cl

White chocolate and mascarpone cheese parfait
Cloudberry jam and roasted nuts
98 SEK
Drink recommendation – Nederburg Noble Late Harvest 22 SEK/cl

 Ölands chocolate 70% cocoa
Handmade praline from Färjestaden, Öland
29 kr/praline

Other Dishes

Potato dumplings from Öland
 A speciality of the island Öland
served with cream, melted butter and lingonberries
145 SEK
Drink recommendation West Coast IPA 79 SEK/40cl

Skansen’s Shrimp sandwich
Shrimps, eggs and mayonnaise
169 SEK
Drink recommendation Famille Excellor Biologique 115 SEK/glas

Kids Menu

Meatballs served with mashed potatoes and cream sauce
95 SEK

Williams planked steak with fillet of pork, mashed potatoes served with bearnaise sauce
95 SEK

Pancakes served with jam and whipped cream
95 SEK

One glass of juice “Smakis” or milk and an ice cream are included in the price