The food is very important to us

We offer a variety of dishes in modern, Nordic style. We serve different meals according to the season, and of course we put down a lot of effort in finding the best products and when opportunities are given we often buy local products as well. For lunch we serve classic Swedish dishes often in combination with something new or a healthier option. For the evening meals we tend to serve locally produced dishes for example lamb and vegetables from the area.

Tradition, mystics, and pleasure tend to be the meaning with the wines through history. Wine is knowledge for many people and for others just a way to find comfort. Independently if you are a professional wine taster or not we pay a lot of attention to what you’re drinking when dining at Hotel Skansen. We have large knowledge in the area, and are pleased to recommend wines or just a beer for the different menus offered.

At Hotel Skansen we are very proud over our restaurant and feel lots of satisfaction in inviting you to a course with tastes from Sweden and the world around.

We have many different dining areas inside and a large deck on the summer time outdoors.