In spite of which result you wish to accomplish with your stay at the hotel, our ambition is that all the parts of your treatments, bath, food, activities, and rest should make your level of knowledge to increase, and that the treatments should give the wanted results and a higher level of satisfaction.

We want that your stay at the SPA gives you an opportunity to gather new energy and to be well taken care of, by our therapists. Please ask about what would be good for you.

Why not increase the moment of the treatment by taking it together with someone you like in the duo room. Bring along your loved one, or just enjoy together with a friend.

We use Decléors unique treatments which give a total experience on body, sense and spirit. Essential oils from the nature with 100% natural extracts are used for both body and face treatments.

Carita is used in our most exclusive line of treatments for maximum result in minimal time. Don’t miss to get your makeup done before attending a party or wedding with products from I.D.Bareminerals that also contains 100% minerals from nature.

In Our SPA-shop we merchandise all the products that we use in our treatments, and many more.