The hotel with many expressions

Since the overtaking of the business in 1984, the hotel has been renovated in many steps, and these days there are more than one building. The last big uppgrade was in may 2015 when we built a brand new hotel complex with 36 modern rooms and we also built a new dining area.

The second newest building is the SPA, which also is in a top modern building, and a copy of the old court house which used to be in the same spot. Tingshuset (The Courthouse) as we call it, houses a top modern SPA-facility, hotel rooms and luxury five star suites. All the suites have power driven beds for the best comfort, Jacuzzis and minibar as well.
The whole building contains lots of art and design furniture in a modern way.

The main hotel building has kept the old style and charm with beautiful textiles and old English styled furniture. The hotel has a total of 79 rooms.

At Hotel Skansen we have rooms for everybody in different styles and price levels.